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We Repair

We repair all major types of desktop computers such as Dell, HP, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Acer and iMac, to name a few. We install / configure any type of Microsoft Operating System from XP to Windows 10 and Macs from OS X to 10.14. We make home calls so no need to go through the hassle of unplugging your PC and all your peripherals. If the job will take a couple of hours then we'll repair it then and there. If it is a more in-depth job that will take longer, then we will take it to the office, fix it and drop it back at your home for you, we will even set it all up again and show you that it is working properly.

We Install

We have the technical expertise required to install and configure a wide range of software systems and we constantly keep up to date with the software, so we can solve any problem. We successfully install and configure specialised and consumer sold software within large organisations and small businesses. We have worked with lots of local companies in the Sydney area, such as Twista, Rodeo Drive Boutique, Greg Mackie Sheet Metal, Turnbull Hill Lawyers, Uniforms and Hats, Worldwide Travel Services and Alfa Alarms to name just a few. So rest assured we are a local company serving the local community, there is no job too small or too big. Yes Computer Repairs is the only laptop and computer service you need.

We Build

We also build custom computers designed to fit your needs. Whether it’s an i9, 8 core, 64GB monster gaming rig or just something to check Facebook and do some word processing then Yes Computer Repairs are for you. We’ve been providing complete network services to small businesses and home offices, for over 10 years now, specialising in computer networks, handling internet connections and network security. According to the 2018 Ponemon Report on DNS cybersecurity & protection, ‘Over the past 10 years, cybersecurity threats such as malware attacks have totalled 780 million.’ Cyber attacks hit businesses everyday and can cost companies thousands or even millions, not to mention the data leaks and irreparable damage it can do to a company and their reputation. Some common types of cyber attack are malware, phishing, eavesdropping and SQL injection. Yes Computer Repairs can protect your business from all of these and more. Don’t wait until after the attack; call us now to discuss a network solution that will suit you.

We're Experienced

Did you know that one of the most common reasons for a slow computer is programs running in the background? As these build up and auto start, system resources are being used which causes your PC to slow down. Most of the time this is a quick fix, but some companies hold people’s PC’s for days and charge the earth. At Yes Computer Repairs, we never overcharge and are determined to return a customer’s computer as soon as possible. You can’t stay in a business like ours for over 10 years without excellent customer service and this is demonstrated by the number of word of mouth referrals we get. We have learned that happy customers always return and tell their friends and family. Sometimes the problem isn’t that simple and may take a full format. We endeavour to save all your personal data and have a strict confidentiality policy, so rest assured that your personal files are safe with us. After the format and identifying any other underlying problems, we will reinstall your operating system or even offer an upgrade and put all your documents back on your PC.

We Protect

Back in the day a computer virus was usually a pretty harmless thing that messed up your system a bit and could be cleaned quite easily. Nowadays, technology has advanced as well as the bad intentions of cyber criminals. The ILOVEYOU virus, said to be one of the most dangerous ever created has managed to cause havoc in systems all over the world and is estimated to have caused damages estimated at US$10 billion! It was so bad that some governments and large corporations took their whole mailing systems offline to prevent infection. We are hearing more and more in the news about massive virus attacks. Some of these are very complex and difficult to remove as they can embed themselves in your system or even emulate system files. They can corrupt data and send information over the web for criminals to use. Yes Computer Repairs are experts at virus removal and we will also make sure you have the right virus protection, that it’s up to date and give you advice on how to prevent further attacks in the future.

We Care

Yes Computer Repairs offer a wide range of services including: Cable & wireless networking, LAN, WAN & ADSL firewall upgrades, Formatting, Backups, data & disaster recovery solutions, Repairs & troubleshooting, Web hosting & domain name registration, Laptop screen repairs. Check out our services page for more information. Or give us a call to discuss your needs and get a free quote. We’ve been in business since 2007, so you can trust we are not a fly by night outfit, you are in good hands.

Get In Touch
Who is Yes Computer Repairs

Yes Computer Repairs offer a bespoke service to all businesses whether large or small.

We have the expertise and the experience to install network wide systems and software, and offer ongoing technical support so you’re never left in the lurch. Our MIT certified technicians are very conscientious and respectful and aim to do the job as quickly and thoroughly as possible. We will always keep you in the loop and communicate any additional problems that need addressing so you aren’t left with any nasty bills at the end of the job.

Mac broken down?

Many of our competitors either specialise in Mac or Window based systems. At Yes Computer Repairs, we have an amazing team with a wide and varied range of experience and expertise. Our Mac experts can get your precious iMac pro up and running in no time. Whether it’s a broken screen, dodgy power supply, memory problem or cup of tea spilled on it, we’ve got it covered. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote.

We Are

With over 10 years in the business, there probably isn’t a PC problem that our team can’t fix. From viruses to faulty ram, dead hard drives to broken fans, we’ve seen it...and mended it all. You can rest assured that we will have your desktop or laptop running as good as new as quickly as possible.

Many people worry about leaving their computer in a strangers shop, due to the amount of personal data on their drive. We take data privacy very seriously and have strict procedures and guidelines in place so that your personal information will stay exactly where it’s supposed to be.....on your computer.

We have extensive experience and success in retrieving data from corrupted and damaged drives. So don’t panic if you’ve lost all of your valuable information and files, Contact Yes Computer Repairs and we will do our utmost to restore your information for you. Need it in a hurry? Our standard service turnaround is faster than most of our competitors and our same day service could have your information retrieved on the same day.

Your Local Computer Expert

Need your computer or laptop repairing but don’t want to wait weeks for a superstore to fix it and overcharge too? Do you live in the South West Sydney area?

Then contact us now for a quick turnaround at an affordable price.

We are IT certified with MIT and our business is over 10 years old. Our highly skilled technicians will identify and resolve your computer problems quickly, leaving your PC running like new.

Whatever your computer or laptop problem, if you live in Liverpool, Campbelltown, Ingleburn, Minto, or Leppington, then we offer a door to door service. No more waiting around in a shop or having the hassle of finding a park. We will come to you and fix your computer, so you don’t have to dismantle everything. If it is a time consuming job then we will take it to our shop, repair it and return it and set it all up for you. We are fully insured so you have full peace of mind you are covered for every eventuality.

With 12 years in the business and an impressive range of satisfied customers in the South West Sydney region, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands. We are a small firm and always put our customers and their concerns first. We will give you a quote upfront and always keep you in the loop if there are any complications so you never have to worry about a nasty shock when it comes to billing time. We are more interested in satisfied customers as we have grown mainly through word of mouth over the past 10 years.

So don’t waste time with those impersonal big superstores that have young lads, straight out of college fixing the machines. We are called ‘Yes’ Computer Repairs for a reason! Give us a call today with your computer or laptop problem or question and we guarantee we will say, yes.


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Don’t panic, we are here to help. Contact our friendly customer service team and they will help you with any problems or questions you may have. At Yes Computer Repairs, the customer always comes first.


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